martes, 1 de junio de 2010

My connectivist vision in formal education

What does a connectivist vision mean to me?

I teach in formal education. I try to include web technologies in my courses. Some of them are: Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Logic and a first course on web technologies for university students. Specifically at the Faculty of Mathematics at a Public University in Mexico.

Here are several presentations of the work I did:

It is not the same integrated web technologies in the classroom that integrate with a connectivist vision. I will explain why.

I will exemplify with the expert systems theme. First I summarize essentials of how expert systems work, theory and practice.

Then I ask to students to go to the Internet looking for related materials, web pages, videos, free books, software platforms, notes, examples, courses, researches and share their findings via tweetter.

They must write in their blogs several questions they made about ES. Additionally they also must develop a Knowledge Base to run a practical example.

The students can write questions and answers in a free forum (note: this time we didn’t opened any forum), but we replaced this activity with work in classes to answer questions and live discussions.

I try to explain connectivism and motivate self learning, self control of learning to explore related things to ES they could find interesting (augmented reality and ES, real applications of ES, web intelligence and ES), creative thinking, and more.

Of course, we have many problems, students are not accustomed to self learning, they work under pressure for credits, our Internet is not as good as we need, the majority of teachers do not use web technologies and still work on blackboards.

But I don’t surrender, I see a growing understanding of our students and new generations are appreciating this way of learning. We promote self control of learning, open education, connecting people in order to colaborate, participate and use knowledge network for learning.

I believe in innovation, this is why I am here trying to learn, participate, collaborate and use knowledge in the same way as my students.

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