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My expectations in the LAK11 Course

I am enrolled in the course LAK11: Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics.
This is an open course offered by the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute
(TEKRI) at Athabasca University facilitated by:

George Siemens (TEKRI, Athabasca University)
Jon Dron (SCIS, Athabasca University)
Dave Cormier (University of Prince Edward Island)
Tanya Elias (Athabasca University)
Silvia Currie (BCcampus)

The Course is intended for professional development and to raise awareness of the role that analytics can play in education, learning and development, and organizational information flows.

LAK11 is As an introductory course, faculty, administrators, grad students, learning and development professionals, and organizational leaders will benefit from the topics and concepts covered.
While not a prerequisite, participants will benefit some level of existing familiarity with the internet and social, particularly in particularly with synchronous and asynchronous technologies for communicating and sharing information. As an interactive open course, participants will benefit most by offering contributions, ideas, suggestions in course Moodle forums, live
sessions, or on their blogs.

This Course will be offered from January 10 – February 20, 2011. More Information here: http://www.learninganalytics.net/?p=28

What are my expectations of learning in this Course?

First, to gain a clear idea about learning and knowledge analytics, their relevance and influence in the future of learning, how we can survive to the growth of information in an Internet era and how filtrating useful information from an enormous silo of data.

Second, I am worried about the concepts of human knowledge and knowledge from artifacts like networks, machine and software.
I believe we are initiating mixing of many kinds of "knowledge" and information, from nature to machine in our brains as natural extentions of human beings. So, we must differentiate clearly in this time about knowledge from artifacts in Internet and human knowledge for give structure to their optimal use in our digital societies.

Third,I have uncertain expectations in LAK11, it is like a sea full of perls and I hope to catch several things useful for my wishes of learning more about the nature of knowledge in an Internet era.

With my best wishes to my friends and future friends, I pray for you to have a wonderful year 2011.

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  1. Hola!
    Es agradable saludar a otro hispanoparlante en el curso.
    Nos vemos.