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Can Moodle Do A Good Job In Importing PowerPoint

Can Moodle Do A Good Job In Importing PowerPoint

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Jean-Marc Leblond said:
I need some help, I am trying to import a Power Point into my lesson and I keep on getting the following error code:"PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10): Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature". Can anyone give me any direction?

James Chan said:
I have installed Moodle 1.7 on my test server. I placed the SQL outside the public directory. Today, when I tried to import a PowerPoint into a lesson, it just gave me an error message "could not get data".

The two questions are only the tip of the iceberg about importing PowerPoint to Moodle. You can hear such and such discussions every day on Can Moodle do a good job in importing PowerPoint courses? Maybe not.

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