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Efforts in Illinois for Virtual Learning

On-Line Curriculum Development !
9 hours grad credit!
 All completed on-line through Boise State University!
Tailor your lessons to fit your classroom needs
(online, traditional, or hybrid courses)!
v     Niles 219 science teachers are working in conjunction with Boise State University to develop a SCIENCE TEACHER COHORT for training in online course development.  We need at least 20 participants to make it happen so please let me know if you are interested.  This is a time sensitive planning stage (see below).
v     The tentative schedule for this on-line coursework would be as follows:
o       EDTECH 521 - Summer 2009 (3 hours)
o       EDTECH 523 - Fall 2009 (3 hours)
o       EDTECH 512 - Spring 2010 (3 hours)
v     Description:
o       521 - Online Teaching in the K-12 Environment
                    Examines research-supported practices in online teaching and                               learning in the K-12 environment.  Emphasizes online teaching                                tools, caseload management, learner engagement, and                                        individualized instruction.  Project required.
o       523 - Advanced Online Teaching
                    Emphasizes content-specific instructional strategies, methods,                               data analysis, and improved communication in                                                            online instruction.  Experience with web-based video/audio                                      communication tools recommended.  Prerequisite: EDTECH 521
                    or 522.
o       512 - Online Course Design
              Emphasizes web-based instructional design for the development                                      of  online courses.  Consideration is given to various models of                                     online delivery, content organization and presentation, and                            graphic design.  Course participants create a fully-developed
               online course. 
v     Cost :  {$348/credit hour  = $1044/course}
Mike Heinz - Niles West High School Science
Phone:  847-626-2770
e-mail:  michei@niles-hs.k12.il.us


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