sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

How do we create change?

George Siemens writes today in his weekly reflections: "Grassroots change has been prominent in education, - i.e. a teacher experiments with blogs or Second Life outside of school mandates. Most of my use of technology has been in this category". Certainly, I recognize myself in these words. Along my lectures from Artificial Intelligence to Mathematical Logic, I have been including gradually some web technologies. From web pages to blogs and microblogs, podcasts and videos from Youtube, the Learning Management System Moodle, and so on, I tried to incorporate technology as part of my lectures.

I remember when several years ago, three years, our Faculty Director decided that all of us must being using Moodle. He ignored how Moodle could benefit our courses but his real intention was more about to take control on how the teachers teach than the benefits of technology could produce in classroom. Then he ordered that all teachers must to submit their complete schedule in both paper and computer disks to order his administrative staff to capture our documents on moodle.

Three years later none except I use Moodle. Neither our Director nor anybody use Moodle or any other web technology in classroom. Just today evening a colleague was annoyed because he told me a month ago that I must teach Microsoft Office in our first course of web technologies because he believes nothing than Microsoft Word and Powert Point are needed to study a profesional career.

Our teachers work in their offices with Word processors, power point presentations and several searches in internet for several documents or papers with related content. They control all knowledge the students must learn. A classical view of authority and passive behaviour of our students. They teach based on how they were taught. Additionally several teachers use PC-Software to build graphs, calculate statistics, and other related things but not online with Internet. They teach students to work ignoring that Internet exist.

I tried to offer a workshop on Moodle. But we only had students registered to take the workshop. A PhD Academic Coordinator told me that day: "We do not need your technologies to teach statistics, mathematics and pedagogy. Just that. Those stuff are needed for Computer Science careers." So, how do we create change?

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