sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Moodle provides faculty...

"Moodle provides faculty, administrators and students with the tools they need to ensure classroom learning does not end when they leave the classroom," said Bill Kopf, director of distance learning for LBU (Lubbock Christian University in Texas) in a statement released today in Campus Technology web site (http://campustechnology.com). What about disadvantages? We need to go into a Moodle classroom to do that. Moodle is a classroom available all day long at anytime and anywhere if an Internet connection exist. But we need to go into the moodle room and moodle rooms are not open education. Moodle rooms are closed boxes with registered students and teachers, a model which has to be changed due to the trends we are looking for global education.

Yesterday there was a chaos in the city, a chaos with the traffic and a chaos with our time in the office. The unfortunate homicide of the leader of the local PRD political party brought black clouds and sadness. This chaos made me forget a very important internet meeting at an early hour at 16:00 hrs. pm central time. A meeting in Second Life´s Minería campus (http://campusvirtual.mineria.unam.mx/cursos/). I participate in a project to offer a diplomat in teaching on virtual worlds for educators. This diplomat will be organized and hosted by DECFI-UNAM in Mexico city, and I was invited to command a Course related to train students over the use of immersive teaching tools. I forgot the meeting and now I must apologize and ask about results of the meeting.

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