sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

I'm moving upstairs

I'm moving upstairs. I was working several years beside to our kitchen and close to the hall. We built a workroom upstairs but we could not put the floor tile due to insufficient money. Now, I am moving to a new room, a new study supposedly more comfortably but I am not comfortably. I go frequently downstairs where my family is looking at the TV or cooking. When I was there I could not make any noise and now I can play aloud the internet radio and listening music or play my electric guitar without trouble. What's happening?

The death, the murder of Armando Chavarría Barrera a prominent political leader in our state, the leader deputy in the local congress, a popular man in the PRD political party, was profoundly affected our lifes. I met him several times as he was a prominent graduate at the public university where I work. He was a relevant leader of our students thirty years ago, when I was a student too. He was an undoubtedly honest and democratic man, living not far from where I live. He was shot to the head, early at the morning, and this event was a really shock to our community. He was a sure pre-candidate to the government here, and his assassination was a shocking political murder maybe ordered by local caciques which support the conservative PRI political party.

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