miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

Some days ago I read, Jorge Alcaraz and other daily stuffs

Some days ago I read a post in twitter like this: What is first? Twitter or breakfast? A warm coffee or your emails? a fresh shower or Internet? The answer is obvious, read and write, see and listening, not radio, not tv news, but Internet. Is it an addiction? Well, this is a long post for twitter but it awoke on me these feelings.

The web pages come to me. Before (and now, yet), I wasted my morning time searching for news, papers or new web sites with useful information I could learn and use. Now, little by little I receive information, it is classified and I do not need to waste more time searching. RSS and applications like Twitter, Google News, Google alerts, newspaper suscriptions or just Twitter News and Twitter automated searches and of course social media and social networks make the miracle of useful information comes to my computer screen.

At last, an old friend of us, our academic leader in the Faculty of Mathematics, a man who never feared to the autority of our School, Jorge Alcaraz, now retired, answered our emails, he is alive, fighting again in his new labor as a teacher at another school, but without Internet in his remote country house, he sent an email, forgiving about his absence in space.

In spite of my complains I have no access to Internet or it is a poor access at School. Our director is insensible to our complains, he and his close colleages enjoy good or better Internet communication and the rest of teachers are ignored. So, I work at mi home, and go late to school for work. Not late, just for my lecture hours, staff meetings or sign my presence to know school news and for a coffee with my friends at school.

Do you feel as a strange reading my posts in english language? Well, I need to improve my reading, writing and comprehension of english due to my recent wishes to participate in global (world) discussions on web technologies, the future and the new open education ideas several researchers over the world are discussing. So, I have no time to write and think in both languages, but I will mix english and spanish comments.

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