domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Importance of change

No long time ago, I was going religiously each weekend to our central plaza to look for a newspaper and several weekly publications. Then, I could drink a coffee at a cafeteria and read. And maybe meet my friends and colleagues.

Now, the times are changing. I do not buy any newspaper neither magazines. I get up in the morning in my pajamas and turn on my desk computer, I receive information, classified and ready to play for listening. All the time I am at home, mi computer is on, only when I am going to sleep, I turn off the machine.

By staying at my room, I do not socialize with friends and colleagues. I am an isolated man, but certainly I can get an enormous quantity of useful information.

Today, many people remains religiously going to central plaza and doing the same activity but several men and women, specially young people, do that at home. We are in a transition time, slowly going to a new culture, criticized severely by adults who reject change, but we are firmly in a way of no return.

Many years ago in this town, old people were outside their homes to hang out, chatting with family and friends, or just looking a clear or stormy day. Then, a growing population and traffic, automobiles and television, modernity, changed tradition and customs, old times were the best, but not, just new customs for new times, a new culture for a new society, technology brings a new oportunity for change, to do revolutionary changes.

All changes bring us the oportunity to do a better life, more comfortably and amazingly to rediscover society and world. New concepts and new ways of understand life, teaching and learning and socializing in a more richer way than before.

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